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Reasons for TideMinders®
Frequently Asked Questions
Set-up Instructions
Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do TideMinders® float?
A: YES - they all float, even on heavy line.

Q: Can larger boats use TideMinders®?
A: YES - they easily take lines up to 1" diamenter. And the heavier the load, the better they roll and adjust.

Q: Are they effective on all kinds of line?
A: YES - braided line may be best because it's stronger, and "stretchy" line is no longer needed with the use of TideMinders®.

Q: What's the effect of salt water on them?
A: No harm done! TideMinders® are normally self-cleaning and the tunnel design allows for constant ventilation. In dirty lake water, grime may accumulate; soak balls in 2 cups vinegar/2 gals. hot water for easy cleaning.

Q: Will I need new TideMinders® next year?
A: NO - they are guaranteed for 10 years. If one should fail, we'd want to be the first to know. More than 6000 are in use today without one complaint.

Q: Will TideMinders® protect my boat in severe storms?
A: YES - assuming you have taken all necessary precautions, TideMinders® will prevent line chafing on pilings as they self-adjust to surges; and they'll hold the boat steady in her slip. One thing for sure - TideMinders® will be the last thing to fail.

Q: Will they roll over the top of the piling?
A: Rarely is this a concern. However, in preparation for severe conditions, we suggest holes be drilled through the piling and a heavy pipe be installed as a stopper.

Q: Where can I buy TideMinders®?
A: Go to www.dr-shrink.com, www.torresen.com or Sailor Sam's They are also available from many boating equipment dealers, including West Marine stores.