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Set-up Instructions

1) Mark your line about 42" from the end.

2) String TideMinders® on to the line with the middle ball over that mark.

3) Tie Figure-Eight Knots against the balls.

4) Now tie a Bowline, keeping equal distance to each Figure-Eight Knot.

(Notice the Bowline Knot is aligned with the center "Pearl")

Slip the TideMinders® over the piling and secure the line(s) to a deck cleat.

Adjust all lines for the boat's preferred position in the slip, and tension the lines holding the TideMinders® at about 30 degrees below horizontal. This will keep all lines at correct tension, with automatic shock absorption.

Note: Leave enough spare length on lines to the dock - so you have control when pulling the boat to the piling - where you hang the TideMinders® while away from your slip.

(7/8" double braid line was used to better illustrate tying of the knots.)