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Set-up Instructions - continued

If you can tie a figure 8 knot, you're ready to go. Start by marking the line at the center - far side of the piling. Bring the line on board and slip on the TideMinders®; a 12" diameter piling will need 9 balls, with the middle one over your center mark. Lay this out and tie the figure 8 knot against each end of the array of balls. A simple overhand knot is not suitable, because it's too hard to open and adjust after being under load.

Cleat down one end and loop it over the piling again. If you use two sets of TideMinders® off the stern, tension the lines equally at about 20-30 degrees below horizontal. If the boat lurches to one side, you'll see how the balls gently ride up or down absorbing the strain.

Now you can take your first mate to dinner (3 or 4 times) with the money you've saved over other control systems. No need to return to "check her lines"; they will smoothly adjust to changes without fear of fouling, chafing or losing tension. Just Set 'em and forget 'em. Your "neighbor" can even have a set on the same piling with equally good control. It's fun to watch them roll together without concern for who's on top!

Dock-line wear should be of no concern. The tunnel is curved and faired - so there's no kinking or pinching of the line. Also, the tunnel is super smooth for low friction and complete rolling freedom, even under heavy load.

This shows a typical hook position. It should be easy to install a coated utility hook at a comfortable heigh on free standing pilings, to hang the lines on when temporarily away from the dock. Place the hook high enough so it won't interfere with your neighbor's TideMinders®. Grab this hook with your boat hook and pull the boat close enough to retrieve your TideMinders®. Cleat down the lines and know she'll be safe and secure. It helps if one end of your dock-line has an eye-splice in it. Looping this eye over the cleat leaves enough space for the other end on the same cleat.

Disclaimer: Your TideMinders® are virtually indestructible, but Go With The Flow Solutions LLC and their affiliates cannot be held responsible for damage to related gear - or buyer's failure to follow installation guidelines.

Some boaters have tied the lines around the piling with the recommended bowline knot. Better yet, use a running bowline. It's just as safe, and easier to untie in a crisis. Under extreme conditions, bring both ends on board and lash them at different points on the boat.

Tie one line to a cleat and the other to a winch, mast base or another cleat, if possible. This will reduce the strain by half on the lines and the cleats.

Now you can respect and enjoy tidal movement, without concern for your boat's behavior. Show the TideMinders® to a friend, so you can both "Go with the flow," and enjoy peace of mind.

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