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Just a quick note on the TideMinders. I have a commercial salmon boat in Bristol Bay, AK. Tides can range from 10 to 20 feet. Things are made worse by strong currents and having multiple boats “rafting” along side; sometimes as many as 8 to 10 boats. I’ve seen many instances of boats starting to hang up on pilings as the tide goes out. In one case a boat completely flooded as the tide came in. So I bought several sets of TideMinders and I’m glad I did. They work great!

Hal Cook
President, Go2marine

We have had some gusts up to twenty-five knots which rocked the boat a bit and it was fun watching the [TideMinders®] alternately roll up and down absorbing the shock, while keeping the lines taut at the same time; a big plus is the fact that less overall stress is suffered by the cleats and their back plates, as boats go by creating wakes that normally would strain them. …Another positive is that when we leave the slip, there are less lines to release now, as most of the time we do not need spring lines nor the weighted lines we used to have.

Irving Drost
Hernando Beach, FL

My Morgan Out Island 33 has been tied off the stern to pilings with two sets of TideMinders® for about two weeks now. During this time, we have had extreme tides and strong winds from different directions. Performance has been excellent in all conditions. Excellent performance was what I expected since I had observed the pearls at work on Irv and Sal's boat for several weeks while mine was out of the water for refit. Now my boat occupies the slip next to theirs. The boats share a piling between them and are very stable with the tide and wind changes. We have none of the problems or constant adjustments that the other boats require. I now feel more confident with this system than any method I have ever used to secure a boat.

Allen McAllister
Hernando Beach, FL

For me, the best thing about TideMinders® is that they hold our old Hatteras 44 securely, but gently, with very little sideways or fore and aft movement. And I like their shock absorbing effect so I don't really need snubbers or spring lines. If the weather gets rough I still use spring lines, but only to share the load on the boat's deck cleats. I'm convinced that the last thing to fail would be the TideMinders®.

Dr. Brian Parkhurst
Saugatuck, MI

Since installing 'TideMinders®' on our bow lines to accommodate our Island Packet 37, our concern for the integrity of the boat has diminished, and our comfort level has risen considerably during high winds, waves and tide level changes. Keeping the boat away from the pilings, while trying to accommodate the tide changes, was a constant battle. During events of 25 to 30 knot winds (or less), I was constantly trying to adjust lines, many times to no avail, even with help from neighbors. [Using the] 'TideMinders®' was the solution! Our boat stays centered between the pilings and rides up and down with the tide. In addition, when the boat is left unattended for any length of time, the worry factor is minimized! Thank you for your help and your introduction to this great dockage system.

John and Kathy Lesniak
Tierra Verde, FL

Your TideMinders® are going to be hot, because they really work! I'm amazed at their dampening effect, and how they keep even tension on the dock lines. I've been away from the boat for several months and the lines show no wear at all; and the TideMinders® appear to be self-cleaning - it looks like they'll last forever.

Mike Potter
Daytona Beach, FL

TideMinders® are a necessity!

Bruce Bingham
Contributing Writer,
Cruising World Magazine

We added TideMinders® to the stern lines on our C&C 32, used daily in our sailing school at Torresen Marine. We don't have tides, but our open docks are exposed to rough water during storms and on windy days. The TideMinders® have really done their job, keeping steady tension on the stern lines as they adjust to surges and waves. After a full season of use, there was no sign of chafing - the lines were as good as new. TideMinders® should be especially useful on boats that are unattended for days or weeks at a time.

Brian Torresen, Service Mgr.
Torresen Marine, Muskegon, MI

We had 40 knot winds for three days blowing water out of the bay - the keel was on the bottom. Then the water came back in, quickly rising four feet above normal. The TideMinders® held the boat centered in her slip. Even at the lowest and highest levels, line tension remained steady. Their shock-absorbing effect is great! Once we had a stern chock ripped out with a sudden lurch of the boat - this won't happen using TideMinders®.

Chris Waln
Arlington, VA